Zuriel Oduwole profiling world class African companies & brands

Zuriel with Zenith Bank Chairman JIM OVIA


Zuriel with Zenith Bank Chairman JIM OVIA

WED, AUGUST 30 2017-theG&BJournal-Over the last 30 years, Africans have joined the unending complaints chorus line that most stories in the global media about the continent, are usually negative. While not completely untrue, the trend seems to be changing, but not fast enough for 15 year old film maker and girl education advocate – Zuriel Oduwole.

“If US companies and European companies and more advanced Asian companies from countries like Japan are to see Africa as equal trading partners, then it all must start by them seeing Africans as equals”, Zuriel Oduwole says.

“They can’t see Africans as equals, when most stories in the news are about wars, and famine and diseases and corruption. Someone must keep telling the positive stories about Africa and showing what great things Africans are doing also in the US and in Europe too”

A few months ago, she created a pilot project to focus on world class African brands to show the rest of the world, starting in Kenya. She profiled the only female founder and CEO of a successful brewery in Africa, Tabitha Karanja of Keroche Brewery, and the CEO of the largest bus advertising company in Africa, TrusharKhetia.

This week, she turns her focus on Nigeria, meeting and profiling the founder of one of Nigeria’s most iconic brands – Jim Ovia of Zenith Bank. She hopes to build a new bridge of information, communication and trust between the US and Africa, as a first step in her mission of showing ‘A Promising Africa’.

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