Zimbabwe’s president Mnangagwa swears-in cabinet


MON, DECEMBER 4 2017-theG&BJournal-General Sibusiso Moyo and Air Marshal Perrance Shiri have been appointed foreign minister and agriculture minister respectively by president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s. They were both sworn in today in Harare.

The president last week announced a 22-member cabinet to run government affairs until harmonised elections next year. But some changes have been made since the first set of names was widely circulated as appointees.

For instance, Lazarus Dokoro was initially appointed minister of primary and secondary education but dropped and replaced by his former deputy, Professor Paul Mavima. Victor Matemadanda was initially designated as deputy minister for defence, security and war veterans but quickly reassigned to lead the Zanu-PF commissariat.

Mrs Petronella Kagonye will become the new minister of labour and social welfare while Professor Clever Nyathi moves in as special advisor on national Peace and Reconcilliation. Kagonye was  deputy minister of transport before she was fired from cabinet in December 2014 by former president Mugabe

Zimbabwe media also reports that the country’s Defence Force commander, General Constantino Chiwenga will emerge one of the two vice presidents at Zanu- PF’s extraordinary congress scheduled for this month, in what appears to be reward for close party loyalists and military figures that helped topple Robert Mugabe last month.

The president told the press after the swearing his first post-Mugabe cabinet that his priority is to revive the country’s battered economy reiterating his inauguration message which focused on the revival of the country’s economy through foreign direct investment, agriculture and job creation.



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