“Yes I will marry Evans even if I did not know his source of income”

Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike, alias Evans

Nigerian women react to Evans allegation about his wife

By Otii Esse-theG&BJournal

WED, JUNE 28 2017-Why it’s no longer news that nemesis has caught up with the notorious billionaire kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike, alias Evans or what we might call the day of reckoning, it would be appropriate to pay attention to the facts that has emerged since his arrest.

One of such is his claims about the role of his wife in his nefarious activities and subsequent denials by his wife.

Will a woman claim about being unmindful to her husband’s line of business? She admitted to knowing about her husband’s drugs trafficking but not kidnapping which in any case is a criminal activity.

But her extravagant and flamboyant lifestyle speaks of a case of immoral burden, at least to the point of establishing the source of income. Interestingly, this could extend to the women folk.

According to Evans allegation, his wife had on several occasions assisted him to collect ransom from his victims.

However, his wife denied knowledge of her husband kidnapping activities but was privy to information that he was into drugs

The questions are……..

* Will you go ahead to marry a man that you barely know his source of income?

* Is it possible for a woman to claim not to know her husband’s business associates?

* If your husband’s new lifestyle does not fit into his income which you are aware of, what measure (s) would you take to find out the (new) source of income?

* What will you do if you find out that your husband is a kidnapper or a drug dealer?

Mrs. Beatrice U

I can’t marry a man I don’t know his source of income,

It’s possible for a woman not to know the husband business associate probably if the business is not within the state.

If income differs from life style, I will do everything possible to see the business physically whether it is physical goods, office work or rendering of services, if he refuses, I will definitely know that something is fishing

If I noticed he is a kidnapper or drug trafficker, my sister separation is the answer before he kidnap me or my family member

Mrs. Susan I.

Yes I can marry a man without knowing his source of income.  It’s possible I don’t know the kind of business he does.  l will pray to God to forgive him and change him.

I will prayerfully ask him……and if asking him will cause conflict and lead to lack of peace… I will just let him be…

And if I find out that he is a kidnapper. ..Or drug dealer…..I will prayerfully counsel him….and see if he is redeemable by Jesus Christ. …if yes … I will pray with him and ask him to stop…while he prayerfully reports himself and restitute his ways….

If however he is not willing to change and also not ready to admit that he is a kidnapper or a drug dealer. ….I will run with my children and ensure he never gets our contact….and also change the children’s surname.  Period!

Mrs. Ines I

First, I can’t marry a man I know nothing about his income. If at all he lied to me and I got to know after, I will let go of the marriage.

Miss Bose

Lie from the pits of hell.

I will first of all go into prayer and fasting quickly and pray, ask the Holy Spirit to guide me and lead me to ask him. Nothing than to start praying and talk to him to desist from such act else l will personally hand him over if he refuses to quit.

Mrs. Mercy A

Yes I will marry him even if I did not know his source of income. Yes, it’s possible

It’s none of my business, as long as he takes care of the family. If it’s drugs, I will advise him to gather more money to start up a business, there after he can stop and if he is a kidnapper I will advise him to stop.

From these reactions, it bags in mind that majority of the women do not see anything wrong with their husband’s source of income as long as it provide the basic need to the family. Apparently, this is a representation of the perception of the Nigerian woman on the street.

In effect, a woman’s claim or denial about her husband’s means of livelihood shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Two things to bear in mind; the woman who is the closest partner to her husband should be observant about his activities; to the point of admitting knowing of her husband’s business activities like Mrs. Evans had at the point of knowing that her husband was into drugs, taken any action, perhaps would have save the day at least for the family.

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