What great leaders do in the face of adversity, stress and tragedy


By Nwaodu Lawrence Chukwuemeka

TUE, FEBRUARY 14 2017-In the face of growing adversity and great economic challenge, entrepreneurs and other leaders needs to develop new set of thinking and the thick skin needed to pull through this perilous times, in order to optimise their efficiency and productivity. Here are some of the guidelines on what to focus on:

Great leaders in the face of adversity, stress and tragedy detach to maintain their focus and concentrate on their goals and targets – this is achieved through some set of soft skills, e.g, –

They share:

A problem shared is definitely more than a problem halved. Often the biggest obstacles to detaching from a situation or circumstance is that it’s bottled up entirely in our own heads. But great leaders realise that often the opposite is true and they get things out in the open.

They get busy:

Ever been so busy with something that time has just flown by? Great leaders understand that no amount of willpower or positive thinking can fully overcome an empowering negative emotion. Our brains don’t respond as well to reasoning as they do to actions. By taking action and getting busy we force our minds to change their direction of thinking and start moving forward.

Great leaders keep moving:

For a real success to be achieved, capacity must be enhanced and generated to remain focused and keep moving on, no matter what. Like they say in stage performance – the show must go on. Great leadership demands the capacity to pull through quickly and  remain resolute to keep focus in order to achieve the set goals and aspirations.

They help others:

When things go badly, often it can be hard to take. Things can easily get overwhelming.

It’s easy to get stressed or anxious. Fear can easily settle in. In severe cases it can even cause us to become depressed or lead to a full mental breakdown. Great leaders and most inspirational people throughout history, are those who have realized that the best way to detach from a negative state of mind is to start using the experience to help others in a positive way. Great leaders understand that converting negative experiences into positive service to help others is the only way to find long term contentment.

The mind is a wealth generator. Put in hours at a job and get a salary, put in hours developing your mind and get a business. A job is a reaction to poverty, It’s not a preparation for wealth. If you want to prepare to get rich you must have a business. Don’t trade your time for money. That is a job. Trade your ideas for money instead and use your time to have a life.

Refresh your attitude and adjust your thinking. Challenge yourself to become more creative and determined to find solutions that will turn your life around. You will be surprised at the breakthroughs and solutions that will come your way. Believe in yourself; put forth your best efforts; and create the mindset of possibilities.

Make it a point to avoid negative conversations and people who will drag you down and get you off course. Continue to implement a strategy to transform your mindset, expand your skill sets and stay in the company of supportive, positive, motivated relationships. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!

Successful Men Work when others are on vacation. In fact the vacation of successful men and women is mental work in disguise. You have to possess the mindset That,I must not have a better last year. Last year success is the enemy of this year.Success is not a destination but a journey. It’s not a goal but a habit . This is one of my biggest secrets. No better last year. For Me, This is the best year since I was born. But it will be a curse for next year to be like this year. The path of the just is like a shining light that shine Brighter and Brighter.

Start Taking Stock-

BIBLE VERSES: Ecclesiastes 7:27 – Behold, this have I found, saith the preacher, counting one by one, to find out the account:

Solomon the preacher took time to take stock of life and came out with some findings, we ought to do the same, especially, now that we are into another year, which we absolutely know nothing about. like Solomon, we ought to take stock.

Yes, you really need to take stock. The past year has just shut down, and you can’t afford to have ended it without doing a proper balancing.

Taking stock demands a lot of time and concentrations. You need to think through.

Guidelines to questions you need to answer in taking stock:

# Which was your best month and your worst month in this year?

# What made it the best month and the worst month?


# What was your greatest spiritual strength and weakness this year?

# What particular aspect did you enjoy your walk/work with God?

# What was your most reoccurring sin?

# What are the new spiritual commitments you made this year?

# Did you succeed in maintaining your commitment?


# How many new friends, contacts, networks, professional bodies did you meet this year?

# How many of them had positive impact on your life, and how many of them are still active?

# Who are the friends you need to disconnect from?

# Who had the most positive influence on you?

# How many people do you need to forgive? And how many do you need to ask for their forgiveness?

# Who and Who do you need to appreciate before the end of this year?


# How many new skills did you acquire?

# How many skills were you able to utilize?


# What was your greatest time waster this year?

# What particular activity in your daily routine, did waste your time?

# What was the number one thing that helped you to manage your time?


# What was your major source of financial income this year?

# Were you able to pay the tithe of all your incomes?

# Was your spending extravagant or modest?

# Were you spending more than your income?

# Were you able to separate your needs from your wants?


# How many books did you read this year?

# How many seminars, workshop, conferences, training, etc, did you attend this year?


# How many positive opportunities did you miss this year?

# How many did you utilize?


# What are the habits you need to eliminate from your life?

# What  habits  helped you in achieving your goals, in building your relationship with people, and your walk with God?

# What percent of your goals did you achieve?

Don’t just shut down without a proper balancing. 2017 should be a year you have never experienced before. Get set for it. Determine to succeed beyond measures. I pray that  God will help us. Start taking stocks now! See you on top in the year 2017!

ACTION POINT: Pick your book and biro. Go to a solitary place. Shut off yourself from the hustling and bustling of the season, and spend time with God as you make an inventory of your life. A major thing to articulate and workout a workable set of tools for the year and beyond, is the following, pay great attention to it.

What is Your *PDP* for 2017?

Your *PDP* is Your *Personal Development Plans*.

Your *PDP* must be a *Detailed, Well-Structured, Articulated and Written Plan* that will demand your *loyalty and commitment*.

Your *PDP Guide* must include the following:

  1. *Building Spiritual Capacity* (Moving from Just *Relationship* to Quality *Fellowship* with Your *God*)
  2. *Inspirational And Motivational Books* to *Read* in 2017 (weekly, monthly or quarterly)
  3. *Professional And Career Development* Seminars, Conferences or Workshops to attend. (either *Paid or Free*)
  4. *Mentors and Coaches* you must *connect* with in 2017, that will *add great value* to your life and work.
  5. *Relevant/Additional Skills* to *Develop* or *Sharpen* to enhance your ability to *SERVE* people and *EARN* more.
  6. *Events, Places, Cities And Nations* To *Visit* for personal *relaxation, receation and education*.
  7. *Networks or Associations* to join, that will serve as *leverages* for *opportunities* and *connections* (online or offline)
  8. What *Products or/and Services* will you be creating in 2017 to multiply *IMPACT* and increase *INCOME*.
  9. *Negative Relationships or Friendships* to cut off (that *drains personal energy*)
  10. *Wise and Intelligent Investments* to *undertake* in 2017.
  11. *Negative Habits, Attitudes and Behaviours* to *confront* and *conquer*.
  12. *Positive Habits, Attitudes and Behaviours* to *cultivate* in 2017.

Let Your *Plans* Begin Now!!

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