VIEWPOINT: APC Delta declares 2019 governorship election results in 2017


By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq.

WED, AUGUST 9 2017-theG&BJournal- Late last week, the political comedians of the Delta State Chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC) were alleged to have assembled themselves at the long abandoned party secretariat situate along Nnebisi Road, Asaba to inaugurate several committees.

Fillers from the venue is to the effect that the Great Ogboru, Senator Omo-Agege and Ayiri Emami caucuses were schemed out of the event but were allocated cosmetic slots in some of the committees without their knowledge.

The exercise, I am told, was prompted by a piece issued by Henry Efe Duku of the Ogboru/Omo-Agege caucus, which went virile on social media. The issues raised in Duku’s piece were not addressed before and during the inauguration of the fire brigade committees, designed to deceive the national leadership of APC and its NWC; falsely pointing to show that the party is in good standing to withstand PDP henceforth. Lies!

It is a well known fact that all is not well with APC DELTA and those sidelined in the Kangaroo committees are warming up for a showdown with the arrowheads of the party’s comedy politics.

APC is not a factor to reckon with politically in Delta State but some political contractors within the Emerhor faction are struggling to hide the truth from the party National Working Committee (NWC) Chaired by Chief John Odigie Oyegun because of the NDDC EDP slot allocated to Emerhor as pay back for his initial struggles for the party as per his 2015 governorship ticket.

The APC in Delta is scared of many things. Their internal crisis is a huge problem coupled with the recessed economy and poor management of the nation’s socioeconomic and infrastructure development by the Buhari clueless administration. The APC Fulani Herdsmen atrocities in Delta State is another factor that has crashed the party beyond redemption in the state.

The several killings and rapping activities of the Herdsmen were defended to the dismay of Deltans by APC leaders. They never issued any press statement calling on either the IGP or President Buhari to save Deltans from the criminal activities of the Herdsmen; all because of selfish and self cantered 2019 political ambitions. What a pity!

The poor health of President Mohammadu Buhari (I wish him quick recovery even though he has violated the constitution for not showing up in office for more than 90 days) is another vexed issue Nigerians can no longer stomach.

The sad thing about APC DELTA comedy politics is that its leaders declared “QUIT NOTICE TO PDP, GOV OKOWA” after inaugurating the harmless and bamboo committees; saying that APC already won the 2019 governorship election in the state.

Its obvious that APC DELTA is 100% relying on PRESIDENT BUHARI and the APC ELECTION RIGGING CABAL to rig Delta Gubernatorial elections for them in 2019 by systematically writing the INEC elections result in 2017. What a vague permutation! You shall weep aloud in 2019.

The truth is that the most politically naive person in Delta State will not take APC DELTA and its leaders serious; because for a party that has no member at the State House of Assembly and no reasonable followership in the state to issue quite notice to its landlord and mega party in the state for over 18 years is laughable.

The APC DELTA is also not ready for elections because of its poor grassroots mobilization capcity. The party has been depending on the Ogboru DPP-LABOUR PARTY structures and recent developments points to the fact that; it is only the Emerhor’s tiny caucus that will continue to constitute major setback for the party in the state. Emerhor has a deep pocket and he will use it to frustrate his political rivals within his party. Yes!

Two things may now happen in Delta APC. One; Ogboru, Omo Agege, Ayiri Emami and Victor Ochei may gang up with Prof Pat Utomi/OSHOMOLE group to ditch Emerhor’s tiny caucus (without electioneering value) or that the above gang (except OSHOMOLE) may merge forces with another political party to finally bury APC DELTA well ahead of the 2019 governorship elections in the state.

For us in PDP, the recent Kangaroo committees of Delta APC which was inaugurated at the party secretariat (owing three years rent and 2 years workers salaries) cannot and will not translate to electioneering value advantage over Accord Party in the state. Accord Party is more formidable and well organised than APC DELTA.

Deltans will recall that Accord Party candidate, Princess Mrs Shola Maido defeated APC candidate, Prince Stanley Emiko with a wide margin during the last Warri South Constituency 1 bye election. PDP did not field any candidate using the recent Supreme Court ruling in favour of Senator Ahmed Makarfi as the true position.

It would have been more reasonable if APC DELTA had declared that it shall engage ACCORD PARTY in a dirty fight come 2019 as a payback for the shame and public disgrace suffered during the Warri Constituency 1 bye election. Yes!

Come 2019, APC DELTA will again gather Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs) and head for the Elections Tribunal after Gov Okowa have been sworn-in for his second tenure as Governor of Delta State.

The final truth is that Gov Okowa will handover political power of the state to an Urhobo PDP democratically elected Executive Governor on May 29, 2023.

Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe is the Executive Assistant on Communications to Delta State Governor. He wrote from Asaba via Email:

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