The Karma is now


By AKHIGBE Dominic M

MON NOVEMBER 7 2016-Today, I will digress sharply from discussing Affordable Housing and examine this very pertinent issue. There is a lesson to be learnt from this by the general public, most especially the politicians that regularly take advantage of the very short memories of Nigerians. The Law of Karma is fast at work.

Myson Adeyemi Nejo was the toast of all eyes at Court of Appeal Abuja on Monday November 1, 2016 where Jimoh vs. Jegede matter was heard and the three wise men threw in the towel. When the issue of Biyi Poroye petition was raised and after all the legal diatribe between Wole Olanipekun SAN and Alex Iziyon SAN, this young man who is an Abuja based Legal Practitioner and who incidentally is from Ondo State rose up and appeared as Amicus Curea (a Friend of the Court) and this singular act threw spanners in the works of Mimiko and his co-travelers..

Giving him audience by the Presiding judge was what put paid to the ambition of Jegede and permanently nailed the coffin of any hope to change Jimoh’s name. The man raised serious issues and asked the Court the reason why they should give Jegede preferential treatment by setting up a special panel without any enabling law. He told the court that he had a similar appeal on pre-election matter that was filed 3 months ago and wondered why a special Court was not set up to hear his own Appeal. He questioned the Court and asked under what law was a special panel set up when the issue at stake is not time bound being a pre-election matter. He asked the court to be fair to all and should not show any preferential treatment except if there is any other interest there to be protected which is unknown.

After the ex-tempore speech of Myson, the Court rose to consider whether to continue with the case. The three wise men later reconvened and decided to hands off the case and referred the case back to the President of Court of Appeal.


It is no longer possible to change candidate of any of the political parties. The window closed on 19th October, 2016. I understand that it was Mimiko’s arrangement to use Segun Odidi in PDC or what? and Mr. Adeuti in Labour Party. Jegede can still contest if any of these people can die (God forbid) but I heard that Mr. Adeuti has gone out of circulation with his wife and children including his cook since when this matter became hot up. Since these guys cannot die and will not die, Mimiko should support one of them and let’s see how it goes. As for Jegede, the road is closed but he can come back in 4 years time to try his luck again.

To those saying that Rotimi Amaechi scenario can repeat itself, I dare tell you that it is not possible because there is no valid appeal up till now against the verdict of Justice Okon Abang and as such you cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stand! What was before the court was leave to Appeal against June judgment out of time.

Mimiko came through Court and his reign is also terminated through Court. If anyone is alleging that Abang’s judgment is based on fraud, I wish to also tell the person that Mimiko also became governor of Ondo State on the basis of judgment based on forged Security report. Jimoh Ibrahim is the Karma of Mimiko and the Karma is now

Mimiko should know that what goes around comes around!

AKHIGBE Esq is CEO, Property Logic Incorporated/Business coach & Seminar speaker/expert in business and property law. Tel: 2348034846284

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