The Echoes and lessons of the 11th Abuja Housing Show


By Akhigbe Dominic.M. Esq.

MON, JULY 24 2017-The 11 Edition of the Abuja Housing Show may have come and gone, but the echoes will reverberate in the Housing subsector for a long time to come. July 17th through 19th, 2017 is one period that will remain entrenched in the annals of events’ history in Nigeria for a very long time. For the key players in the subsector; the event was a home coming. It is one event they looked forward to annually with palpable expectations. This year’s edition did not fall short of their expectation. To industry watchers; it was the mother of all shows. The choice of the prestigious International Conference Center was a reflection of the organizers’ ingenuity and craves for excellence. With what played out at this year’s edition; anywhere else could have been a misnomer. It is one event that can be described with all sense of modesty as grandiose.

The AHS 11.0 as was latter coined by the team of PropertyLogic Incorporated that was on ground was a cynosure of the International eyes. It successfully and seamlessly aggregated the crème-de-la-crème of the Housing Industry, Partners, Investors, Stakeholders, Industry watchers and the policy makers. The deliberations were expertly tailored to suit the 20th century Housing need and address its challenges. The Speakers were carefully selected and their lectures deeply researched. It was not a talk show. The event was fully on ground. The builders, the Investors, the House owners and the policy makers found the event an ideal environment to mutually brainstorm. It was one event that can be best described as a turning point for the Housing Industry. Everyone had something to take away. The International guest saw the expertise, ingenuity and the untapped opportunities that abundantly abound in Nigeria. Those that had the rare privilege to give lectures or speeches did not hide their excitement. They from time to time admonished the creativity of the conveners and planners. Indeed; it is one event that should be replicated by other sectors of the economy if Nigeria must truly play in the committee of Nations and confidently take its rightful place in Africa

Come to think of it; which Market in Africa can be anywhere compared to the Nigerian opportunities? The discerning investors know and acknowledge this. We may be getting it wrong politically, but, the Market opportunities here can only be compared to the best elsewhere in the world. This point was aptly re-echoed by the Minister of Works, Power and Housing; Raji Babatunde Fashola who is determined to revolutionalize the Housing subsector in Nigeria and ensure both investor and the beneficiary derive the benefits of the social mutual contract of their equities. Fashola reassured the Investors that the best was yet to come. For everyone that knows the senior advocate and two-time governor of the Center of Excellence; one would say the Housing sector is set for true revolution. This truly is the statement that was made by the perfect indices that went into the organization of the AHS 11.0 at the Revered International Conference Center between July17 through 19, 2017.

As always; we hope the political office holders whose duty it is to give legal impetus to the wonderful and brilliant suggestions made by the expert guests on how the Housing subsector can maximally deliver its derivatives to Nigerians and other stake holders would not allow the resolutions to be offered on the altar of personal aggrandizements and power show as it now the norm. Till we see a better event; we continue to savor to beautiful memories of the AHS 11.0.

By Akhigbe  is Property Law Expert/CEO, H.I.E Properties & Homes Ltd/SENIOR STRATEGIC PARTNER, PropertyLogic Incorporated/Seasoned Business Coach/Columnist of The BusinessDay/Contributing Editor,

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