Regenesys awakens potentials for affordable global certifications in African


THUR, DECEMBER 1 2016-Regenesys, a leading global business school headquartered in the heart of the financial district of Sandton, Johannesburg in South Africa, has launched an initiative to make free education possible without subsidies through using the Fermium business model.

The school has made four qualifications (Higher Certificate in Business Management (HCBM), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (PDBM) and Master of Business Administration (MBA), available at no charge.

Students register and enrol online, download the study materials, study in their own time and take part in quizzes to test knowledge.

“Once these are passed, they receive a Certificate of Participation, which they can use for their portfolio,” according to school officials.

The distance contact learning comes with benefits which includes Job opportunities and affordable accommodation at discount prices, Global Certifications on career opportunities around the globe, Networking on Alumni and Globally recognized personalities and facilities and Affordability of fees and Instalmental payments for over three years.

The school also has a wide range of corporate programmes and includes programmes in Executive Development Programmes, Management Development Programmes, Online Short Learning Programmes, Skills Programmes and Learnerships.

In South Africa, it is an accredited credit provider and offers student loans to its aspiring and current students. In India, it is also the first business school to offer financial aid to students. It has learning centres in Sandton, South Africa, Dubai, India and Nigeria and has impact in Asian countries.

The school was given a 7.90 ranking from the 2016 PMR, Africa rating and ranked fourth best business school for the second year in a row, overall above fellow esteemed tertiary institutions.

The ratings are based on respondents who rate MBA/MBL graduates and students on 19 attributes or criteria, including: application of knowledge in the workplace, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial skills, financial management, innovation, leadership qualities and strategic management.

The survey was conducted in early 2016 among human resource managers, directors and line managers from corporate companies, national, provincial and local government departments, municipalities and state-owned enterprises.- .-theG&BJournal

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