Real Estate business versus the ‘friendship Marketing philosophy’ in Nigeria (1)


By Akhigbe Dominic.M. Esq.,

MON, NOVEMBER 13 2017-theG&BJournal-Till very lately in Nigeria; Oil and Gas business was placed just before the business of Real Estate thereby placing Property and Real Estate as number two. This was so because of the very unusual business environment thrown up by the social-political indices in the country. Otherwise; elsewhere in the globe where businesses are done by the rules and devoid of unnecessary government interference, favoritism and other shenanigans; Real Estate tops the list for very obvious reasons we would not want to digress into today. Haven said this; Real estate marketing is certainly not unfamiliar with players in the industry. Whether such players imbibe such philosophies and its dynamics is certainly different ball game.

Real Estate Marketing goes beyond creating awareness, telling others what you have to offer and expecting them to respond pronto. This thinking belongs to the stone age. Any player in the Real estate subsector who belongs to this school is on his way to extinction. Today’s property buyer needs much more than this. It is not even sufficient to rest in the oars just because you believe your Real estate products  meet the definite desire of the market; still far from this. The market has become a battle front for innovations, ideas, creativities, competitiveness and much more.

Sometimes ago; a client was addressing his marketing staff in the usual Monday morning meeting as a way of preparing them for the week’s market; I heard him telling them he does not mix business with friendship. I was shocked. With such philosophy; I knew he won’t be long before going home. One major fact is; the potential buyer will not patronize an enemy. This is a natural philosophy. Think of it: let’s take this home; you have a neighbor who sells matches. The same neighbor has declared you an arc enemy; would you not rather take a ten kilometer walk to an ‘aboki’ who would rather be a friend to buy your matches? I can hear you echo a ‘yes’! why then do you want someone else who is very much aware of how much you detest friendship to do business with you? You must truly belong to the past.

The potential customer is an independent minded person who has worked hard for his money. He needs respect and he has to be convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that the man who is taking his money is a friend and not a foe. He knows a friend will protect his interest. A friend would be interested in the outcome of the entire transaction process. He is even very sure only a friend would be mindful of his after sales mindset. So; friendship is actually the only thing. If you do business without the friendship philosophy; you can take a bet with me that your days are numbered. The real estate market is universal, global and very sophisticated. Players are very interested in the final product. He must be double sure the seller is friendly enough not to jeopardize his interest. So, he takes every care to be sure he gets the very best in the circumstance. For the players in the industry; haven established the ‘friendship philosophy’ all other natural market indices and forces would fall in place. If the friendship philosophy sounds strange to you; please, quickly get in touch with us before its too late!

I will now proceed to throw some light to the conventional real estate market philosophies that are generally referred to as the ‘day-to-day’ activities of real estate marketing activities. These must be some form of addendum with the aforementioned ‘Friendship philosophy’; with this done; your real estate company is good to go. When a Real estate Agency lacks or disdains marketing philosophy, It is then a garbage in, garbage out deal. No publicity, no deal!

Clearly, the world has now become a global family. So; one could sell anything under the sun; ideas, skills, passions, products, goods and services, even from the comfort of your home or office.

…to be continued

Akhigbe Dominic.M. Esq., /Property Law Expert/CEO, H.I.E Properties & Homes Ltd/SENIOR STRATEGIC PARTNER, PropertyLogic Incorporated/Seasoned Business Coach/Columnist of The BusinessDay/Contributing Editor,

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