PDP chairmanship candidate, Uche Secondus rebuffs claim his campaign is collapsing


MON, NOVEMBER 13 2017-theG&BJournal- The political campaign organisation of Prince Uche Secondus, the acting national chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has denounced allegations that the frontline candidate for the chairmanship of the party has corruption baggage wrapped around him.

Bisi Ezekiel, Director, Secondus Media office said, in statement released yesterday and made available to the theG&BJournal that even when an anti graft agency haunted him last year on suspicion of corruption, he was let off when they could not find anything incriminating against him.

“In fact, the court awarded him cost for illegal detention and abuse of his human rights. So Prince Secondus does not belong to league of aspirants with corruption antecedents,” he said, adding that contrary to insinuations, Secondus has no corruption baggage.

Ezekiel in the statement that delegates and leaders of the party should kindly note that Secondus is in the race because he is unarguably the most suitable for the national chairmanship position of the party at this material time. In term of his records, antecedents and achievements in party administration, the Prince of the Delta towers above other contenders. He is not a misfit for the office but the right candidate for this high profile job.

“All aspirants from the three zones are qualified to aspire for the office. Therefore, our principal has not breached any rules by showing interest in the race.”

He said it is also important for delegates and leaders to note that Secondus is a leader with proven records of achievements as a party administrator. With South-South as the major base of the party, Secondus is a reformer who set up the Ike Ekweremadu reform committee and kick-started the reform of the party as its acting chairman. He diligently worked to rescue the party from pro-APC hijackers. He is a tested war horse.

“With less than 18 months to general election, the leading opposition party cannot afford to elect a chairman who will struggle to learn on the job; the party needs someone who can hit the ground running. This job of confronting and beating APC in 2019 is a job for a man, not boys.”

“We urge our supporters nationwide to remain faithful and loyal to the redemption agenda. We assert that no amount of false news will change the frontline position of Secondus in this chairmanship race   Majority of PDP members across the country and in Diaspora are anxious to regain power at the center and they are aware of the enormous challenges ahead. This accounts for their desire to have a national chairman who would come and hit the ground running.”

Ezekiel noted that if majority of the delegates to the party’s National Convention across the six geopolitical zones are angling for Secondus, it must be seen from their genuine desires to have the party restored to its winning ways.

“Therefore blackmail and character assassination of Secondus would collapse because they are standing on malice and Vedanta.”

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