OLX introduces new service for busy shoppers


OLX, an online website where buyers and sellers transact business, announced on Tuesday that it had introduced “Do-it-for-Me” service for easier transaction on the platform.The Public Relations and Communications Officer of OLX, Ms Uche Nwagboso, said in Lagos that the service would make transactions easier for busy users.

“We considered the peculiarity of the Nigerian market which is filled with busy people that need assistance in getting things done for them and that is what led to the launching of the product.”

Nwagboso said that to trade with the new product, one did not need to worry about taking pictures and uploading.

“All you need to do is click and book a ‘Champ’ on the OLX website.”

According to her, Do-it-for-Me utilises the “Champ,” who contacts the seller to get all details of the item that will be sold.

“The Champ takes away all the burden of taking pictures and uploading on the website for you.

“It guides all parties in all the processes of transaction and once the item is sold, OLX collects its commission and the sellers gets his money.”

She said that for Post-it-for-Me, if the user was not computer savvy, the Champ would post all items but the user would still manage the calls himself.

According to her, the Champ comes in two forms – Post-It-For-Me and Sell-It-For-Me – “which attracts a little commitment fee’’.

She advised users to always meet potential buyers and sellers at public places to guarantee their safety and that of the item they wanted to sell.

She also advised that all payments should be made through the bank by confirming that money paid was in the bank before exchanging items.

“Follow your instincts; do not meet someone in a secluded area. If you are not comfortable with the transaction, back off.”

She said that regarding automobiles, OLX had partnered with Mandilas Motors to make sure that the car being graded was roadworthy.

She advised users to be optimistic with prices placed because of competition and for the item to get the desired buyer.

“One needs to compare prices to see what obtains outside but if you feel your item is worth more, you can fix your own price, hopefully, you can get a buyer,” she said.

OLX is a global brand operating in 45 countries.

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