OAMC signs agreement with BTA to operate food beverage services at Muscat International Airport


By Abraham Jonah, Middle East editor

MON, NOVEMBER 14 2016-Oman Airport Management Company (OAMC) signed an agreement with the leading Turkish company BTA to provide food & beverage services at Muscat International Airport for a period of ten years. Representing OAMC at the signing ceremony was Sheikh Aiman bin Ahmed Al-Hosni, CEO of OAMC, while representing BTA was Sadettin Cesur, CEO of BTA.

In his statement to the media Al-Hosni mentioned that the agreement is in line with the transformation strategy 2020 of OAMC which was announced early this year, aimed at having Oman airports rank among the top 20 airports in the world. He noted, “BTA was chosen based on strict criteria with regard to quality and commitment to hospitality and reception. In addition to itsglobal reputation in the field, BTA provided the best presentation, and has qualified to win the contract for the coming ten years. We hope that this step will boost the level of service at the Muscat International Airport to be comparable with international standards; which in turn will take us closer to our strategic goal in the coming five years.”

Sadettin Cesur added, “For us, winning this tender was a significant milestone and will positively reflect on BTA’s progress internationally. Muscat International Airport is one of the most important airports in the region, with the passenger rate exceeding ten million last year; and that number is expected to increase even higher in the coming years. We are pleased to sign this agreement, raising the number of outlet operated by the company to 300 in eight countries. With the inclusion of Oman, the number of customers we collectively serve across our service network will now increase to over 100,000 per day. We promise to provide unprecedented levels of services to all passengers passing through Muscat International Airport, and ensure they will truly experience the difference with BTA.”

Based on the agreement, BTA will manage food and beverages point at the new Muscat International Airport, which covers an area of 5,000 sq.m. 15% of the area will be given to Omani SMEs with the aim of encouraging this sector to compete with bigger companies. CEO of OAMC noted, “The agreement states that 15% of the area shall be reserved for local SMEs. This will encourage SMEs to work closely with big international companies; which in turn will have a positive impact on their performance and experience, and will help them grow in competitiveness both locally and internationally in this important sector. Additionally, this move comes as part of our dedication and responsibility towards the growth of the SME sector, which plays a vital role in national economic diversification.”

Sheikh Samer bin Ahmed Al-Nabhani, GM of commercial operations noted, “In light of the efforts to support tourism as part of the economic diversification plan, we expect to see a leap in the number of passengers passing through Muscat International Airport. Therefore, we have to ensure they are provided with the best possible hospitality, reception and services at the food and beverage corner. With BTA operating the corner we are confident that the passengers will enjoy the best possible experience.”

BTA, a subsidiary of TAV Airports, is one of the leading companies of the food & beverage industry. BTA has been accredited with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate for its service quality. The company provides food & beverage services at international standards within 16 airports in Turkey, Georgia, Macedonia, Tunisia, Latvia, Croatia, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Providing service to more than 100,000 people a day with approximately 700 chefs, BTA is operational on an area of 60,000 square metres and more than 300 service points.

OAMC works in close collaboration with regional and international airlines, as well as the relevant government bodies to position Oman as a unique tourist and visitor destination, and is working to enhance the range of facilities and commercial services provided in Oman’s Airports nationwide.

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