No Nigerian involved in South Africa’s human parts incident – Union


SOUTH AFRICA, JULY 12, 2016 – Mr Collins Mgbo, the Secretary, Nigeria Union, Limpopo Province chapter in South Africa, said on Tuesday that no Nigerian was arrested for trafficking in human parts in the area.

Police in the province had arrested some persons caught with human parts on Sunday, with rumours making the rounds that Nigerians were involved.

Mgbo, however, at Polokwane, Limpopo Province, that no Nigerian was among those arrested by the police.

“There was a story in that direction but it was false information. There was no Nigerian involved.

“I went to the police station to make inquiry and the officer in charge told me that no Nigerian was involved.

“The officer also confirmed that only one local was involved,” he said.

Mgbo said the union in the province decided to follow up the case because locals could react negatively against Nigerians.

The secretary also said the chapter had written a report on the incident and sent to its national body for appropriate action.

“Nigerians living in Limpopo Province have good relationship with their hosts.

“We respect and obey the laws of the country while ensuring that the relationship is sustained,” he said.

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