NIPOST to increase revenue generating capacity – GM


Mr Umar Musa, the General Manager, Expedited Mail Service (EMS) section, Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST), on Tuesday said there were plans to increase the agency’s revenue generating capacity by 50 per cent.Musa said in Lagos that the increase in revenue would be brought about by technological innovations and improved service quality rather than increased prices.

He said the main aim of the increased capacity was for the agency to attain the same standard with other courier companies such as the DHL and UPS.

“There will be an improvement in our courier service; we will create awareness on the new system and deal with issues hindering NIPOST courier service.

“The vision is to improve the revenue generation by 50 per cent. To achieve this laudable achievement, certain things have to change.

“I promise to restructure the EMS section so it will attain the same standard with other courier companies.

“We will also build quality EMS centres at Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland, Ogun and Oyo territories,” Musa said.

He reiterated that the agency would not hike its prices to increase revenue but would rather improve its operation to attract more customers.

The general manager said the agency’s collaboration with the airlines would also be improved to enhance service delivery.

The agency, he said, was going to focus on ensuring that parcels and other items belonging to customers are delivered on time and with global standard.

“I just came back from Asaba in Benin; I went to look at things in that area, especially as regards the courier and parcel service.

“I have been moving around all our stations to ensure that key issues hindering the service are addressed.

“In the sections where we used road transport to deliver the parcels, we are trying to get airlines like Arik Airlines to move the items for us,’’ he said.

Musa stressed that the agency’s customer service would also experience a technological overhaul, such that there would be only 20 seconds waiting time for response to enquiries.

He said that within this time, the customer would be able to find out the location of his or her parcel.

“The service will be technologically-driven such that customers will know the particular time their consignment will get to the destination through computer.

“We are also making sure that there is always someone on call at whatever time, even at midnight,’’ he said.
Musa said the agency’s international postal system had been upgraded to connect NIPOST with more than 196 countries in the world.

“Our international section is undergoing serious upgrading to connect us with more than 196 countries worldwide.

“NIPOST is also upgrading its e-commerce service to enhance its operations.

“We are also going to collaborate with others who can help us to improve our operations,’’ he said.


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