Nigerians Hails As Senate Condemns The Increase Of Data Tariffs, To Halt Hike Of Data Price


ABUJA, NOVEMBER 30, 2016 – The Senate on Wednesday ordered the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, to immediately stop the implementation of its directive for mobile data tariff to be increased.

The Upper Chamber maintained that all stakeholders must be consulted before such hike could take effect.

Recall that the NCC had announced its directive for telecoms operators to increase the cost of data tariff plan from tomorrow, December 1.

The Nigerian Senate have embarked on accelerated move to halt planned hike on data tariff by telecoms companies as directed by Nigeria’s Communication Commission. Deputy Senate Leader Ibn N’Allah raises a motion on the increase in data tariffs by telecoms companies.

Senators in all totality condemned the increase of data Tariffs by the service providers in tandem with @NgComCommission, Senate now resolves to halt the new tariff approval.

Senate mandates #CtteeCommunications to carry out through oversight on the process to ensure that Nigerians are carried along in the process

Senate also mandates #CtteeCommunications to ensure that Nigerians are not short changed at this time without any consultation from the statistics it is almost four times the price”

“It is very important that we protect the people that brought us here this is the height of irresponsibility by @NgComCommission….

Senate further mandates the #CtteeCommunications to investigate the allegations of failure of the service providers.


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