NEMSA collaborates with other agencies to deliver safe, sustainable power – MD


ABUJA, JUNE 17 – The Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA) says it is working closely with other agencies to ensure efficient production and delivery of safe, reliable, and sustainable power to Nigerians.

The Managing Director of the agency, Mr Peter Ewesor, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Friday

Ewesor said the collaboration was in the area of providing technical assistance and information to ensure safety and maintain standards in the electricity sector.

“We have collaboration with Consumer Protection Council (CPC) in the area of providing technical assistance to them.

“If there is electrical accident or if a consumer is not actually getting the value for the service he has paid for and they meet them to seek redress, they come to us.

“We will provide that expertise by going to look at the meter is not good or the transformer has failed, we will send our men to go and check what is wrong.

“Provide them the relevant information that will inform or enable them to be able to take the appropriate decision.

“We are collaborating with fire service too in the area of finding out what is the actual cause of electrical fire.

“So we are collaborating, so that when such thing happens, we sit down together look at the analysis.

“We provide our electrical technical experts to them; we do joint inspection, joint investigation, to say what could have really caused this.

“SON started collaboration (with us) even when we have not actually become the NEMSA we are now in the area of providing technical input to them.”

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