JEDEBB Consulting unveils new logo



WED, AUGUST 23 2017-theG&BJournal – The managing director of JEDEBB Consulting & JEDEBB Resources Ltd, Dr Susan Etuk, recently unveiled the company’s new logo with which she hopes to reach out to the global community and expand the business and clientele.

She said the company began considerations of the new image last year while addressing personalities at the company’s head office in Lagos.

“The  first  step  we  considered  was  up –grading the existing JEDEBB consulting enterprise, but we were soon to realize that this may not be possible as there is no provision for that  by  CAC,  so  we decided  to  register  a  limited  liability  company with the name JEDEBB RESOURCES, since that is the brand name,” she said.

She said the outcome of that gave birth to JEDEBB Resources Ltd in 2017. “In view  of the   fact that, these   become two   separate   entities,   though   same   owner   and management, JEDEBB  RESOURCES  LTD. was  then  created.”

The company which became operational from March 2014, offers services in areas of management consulting, training, workshops, conferences, marketing and media communications and French interpreters and translators.

“With the wealth of experience, reach and expertise, we believe with the help of all the Directors, Management and staff, partners and valued clients, we will achieve our vision which  is: adding  value  for  optimal  result and our mission is: To communicate  the  concept  of  corporate  strategy, purpose,  empowerment  and delivery,” she said.

Dr Etuk said the company’s next goal is to use its expertise, knowledge and experiences to increase customer engagement and satisfaction through team building, knowledge and human capital development.

“I  am  eager  to  receive  customer  input  for  this  phase.”

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