Jammeh still in the Gambia, Barrow’s inauguration may take place Dakar


THUR, JANUARY 19 2017-President Yahya Jammeh, has not left as many in and outside the country has been speculating. He would have been handing over to Adama Barrow today, Thursday 19, but remains adamant about leaving office after his defeat and his about-turn from the verdict of the electorate who voted him out of office December 1st 2016.

There are now unconfirmed reports that Barrow will be sworn in as head of State in Dakar, the Senegalese capital today following a meeting with the Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz  last night. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz made a brief stop-over in Banjul Wednesday before proceeding to Dakar, the Senegal capital for a brief talk with Macky Sall and Barrow. Sall and Barrow left the meeting without a statement.

But sources say that the meeting was to cement the exit of Jammeh who is expected to be given his soft landing in Mauritania.

Jammeh is currently facing a barrage of international and local criticism and tension is said to be mounting in the tiny West African country known for it’s tourism. Hundreds of people were seen fleeing the capital city, Banjul yesterday with several of them crossing to neighbouring Senegal for refuge. His lawyers have fled asking him to give up the office. The streets of Banjul have since gone silent as military helicopters roar over head, all of which have helped to heighten the tension.

British tour operators have evacuated thousands of British citizens who dominate visits to the land-locked country since tension began to mount and citizens of other countries currently holidaying are safely making their way to Senegal.

Reports say the Senegalese government will promptly intervene if there is a whiff of civil unrest and have amassed troops close to their border with the Gambia.

Foreign Diplomats and heads of States including the ECOWAS leadership have been mediating the impasse.

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