By Abraham Jonah, Middle East

WED, NOVEMBER 2 2016-The programme is designed by PAU Management Consulting, and pleased to inform international students that our partner institutions are still admitting students for final batch of September 2016 WORK-STUDY DUBAI Scheme in partnership with our company’s University Management system (UMS) services.

It seeks applicants with the potential to work in UAE and study along parallel lines, thereby gaining real time industry experience while studying, to be able to fit into ideal work places upon graduation and make the desired impact.

Application Deadline: 1st November, 2016, Offered; annually? Yes; Eligible Countries: All

About the Award: Looking at the high cost of education and pendulum of unstable exchange rates of currencies in various countries verses the USD ($), we see a need for tertiary students to work while studying, to enable them assist self/parents in footing bills and gaining hands-on experience for professional development.

Our Dubai or UAE offers are work study schemes where students can work and study.

Whilst students’ main focus is not how to make money and some may not have enough experience to be accepted into high profile jobs in UAE, we will try to fix them on available jobs in our company and other organizations based on our relationships with Managers.

Value of Scholarship: The grant is awarded to last for the duration of study

Remember to read the features above, to ease the understanding for your eligibility and expectation.


– Students will be given 2 – 3 years (renewable) work permit to work

– They will earn salary and over-time (OT) allowances (Salary range from $270 t0 $3000)

-Salary will depend on available job and acceptability of nationality by employer

– May be given free accommodation and transports by the employers

– Can work on working days and still attend classes on the campuses.

– Studies have flexible time tables to suit the off-days of the students.

– Age 22 years + are acceptable


Upon acceptance to their places of work, students will be admitted into any of the following programmes at Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Levels on part-scholarship and will only need to pay work permit visa fees and very low discounted tuition fees to study any of the following courses:- Business Administration- Commerce- Accountancy/Finance,- Marketing- Economics- Human Resources Mgt,- Hospitality/Hotel Management- Estate Management- Info Tech (IT)- Education


* Bachelors – Duration 3 yrs

* Masters   – Duration 1 yr

*Doctorate – To be allocated

Award Provider: PAU Management Consulting and partner British Universities in UK & UAE

How to Apply:

Email your documents and cover note to or Or call directly to +971 4 4096849 (Sunday – Thursday 9am – 4pm UAE time).

DCSL 90X780