Have we finally gotten to the era of -get the job done well or get the hell out?


By Jaclyn Iwu

THUR, NOVEMBER 24 2016-Cutting corners…business as usual… this is naija style…these are very popular practical shameful slang in the career/business world of Nigeria. Big shame huh?  Pretty much shameful but those who use these slang daily openly at their work places are not ashamed to use them ..are they? They are not…in fact they boast of using them and if you can’t fit into their business ‘runs’ ….that is your own cup of joe.   It will also surprise you that the class of people that patronise and work daily  with this stinking work place attitudes are the high and mighty in Nigeria.  The untouchables, the ones that will crumble our economy and the judiciary system just ask them to pay billions of naira to get bail out of prison.  Honestly, the extent of human rights violation and economic impunity and degradation that we are in cannot be cleansed with four years of the present Government.

Labour which speaks  for the fairness  treatment of workers at their work place will hear of workers being laid off…they will not take their turn to investigate properly  if such workers were actually doing their various jobs well and justified for their monthly pay, rather they will swear fire and brimstone to restore the sacked workers back.

Look at the Ese Oruru of Bayelsa abduction saga…the parents reported this when it happened but what followed was shocking until it was resolved. Why were people surprised she was pregnant and shielded away from the public because of her pregnancy? What exactly do people expect? That she will be staying with a man for all these months and still return to her parents as a virgin?

Now her case has opened a can of worms for other secret abducting cases which happened and was reported to the police and other agencies the poor parents could afford to reach. Another one is of one Lucy from Zamfara state who was abducted when she was 14 years and now 20 years of age.   As we speak, the police knows where she is (according to her father- David) her family knows and has spoken to her abductors who told them to go to hell and do their worst.  What a country we live in?  A country where people commit all sorts of criminal acts, boast of them openly , walk the streets freely and become untouchable.

When recently, a building in the high brow of Lagos –Lekki Gardens collapsed.  People were questioning why the owners were being detained. You see my drift?  Previously, you will not even see the owners of such collapsed building. Are we saying this is the first time Nigerians have heard stories of building collapse and killing scores of innocent people?   The questions here are-  who authorised the building on such a sensitive location without proper supervision of building materials?

Were the blocks and bricks used supervised by SON?  By the way, we learnt the building was supposed to be a three storey construction but turned out to be five. Did the housing authorities give consent for this construction?  ‘’Business as usual huh? CUTTING CORNERS?   This is naija….let us do it our way and no ‘shaking’. Were all the building authorities that were supposed to monitor and supervise such high brow building aware of what was going on there or not?  Did they actually undertake the relevant responsibilities before approving the construction? If they did their inspections correctly, were they monitoring if the owner kept to the correct approval?  Buildings collapse on daily basis in this country and all we do is hear about them in the media and nothing happens.  End of story!! We move on!!

Now let me come down to the most simplistic of all supervision negligence we have suffered in this country for years.  Let me just use one instance of a very popular product that has been selling in Nigeria even before you and I were born. The ever popular OXFORD CABIN BISCUITS.  As a secondary school student years back, if your parents bought all kinds of beverages and stuff for you and there was no cabin biscuits, you will not feel satisfied. It was quite tasty then and good to eat. As I grew up in this country, these same brands still sells but try and taste it and you will throw up.  The quality, instead of improving with all the innovations in this world…rather it has decreased so much. If you doubt me, just go out and pick one and see what i am talking about.  By the way, you will see the big logo of NIS registered on it as the body responsible for its production certification.   Are you telling me that NIS for several years of existence  are interested about improving the lives of Nigerians and year after year, they keep approving products who rather than adding up in QUALITY keep nose diving?   Are they concerned about quality of goods we consume in this country? Oxford biscuits is just one product NIS certifies. Now people complain when they see foreign biscuits flooding our markets and shops.

The irony of it all is that we have all it takes to manufacture good products in  this country but people just refuse to  give Nigerians good quality products and services.

Have you gone to the immigration office in Abuja and see the way citizens of this country who have the humble rights to obtain their international passport without stress are being manipulated? I am not sure how the one in your state is but I am talking of the one I have been to several times and their services keeps getting worse and worse year after year.  You get to the reception and they ask you- Do you have the person that will do your passport? Excuse me? What the heck is this? Is someone supposed to know an immigration officer before he/she can obtain a passport?  Are you aware there are touts doing passports for Nigerians right inside the immigration office?  Approach 5 immigration officials secretly inside that compound and ask them the fees for new/renewal of passports and you will get different fees them. Now who do you trust at immigration office to get a good job done there?  Is the Nigerian government not aware of these underhand garbage and exploitations happening at the immigrations? Now, Nigerians keep asking why so many applicants for the last ill fated immigration recruitment last year. Do you think all those applicants that applied for the job loved the job so much?  No! They were going there to join the rotten eggs that do business as usual to make fast bucks.  President Muhammadu Buhari must go to the passport section of immigration office in Abuja and see things for himself. I rest my case!

Jaclyn Iwu is a Life/Career/Business Coach, A  stress management expert & conference speaker, media communications consultant: Blog: https://bluntjacqui.blogspot.com: Twitter:@Jacquiworld

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