Good packaging of herbal remedies will facilitate international acceptance- Expert


Dr Andrew Iloh, a scientist with the Biotechnology Advanced Research Centre, Sheda Science and Technology Complex says good packaging of herbal remedies will facilitate international acceptance.

Iloh made this statement during an interview on Tuesday in Abuja, he said “Herbal medicine is an area of science that has a lot of potential in the country because in most parts of the country you can harvest one or more herbs that have potential to cure ailments.

“This is an area that has a lot of potential; if Nigeria wants to be a global player, we must be able to adapt international best practices that will guarantee high standard.

“There are a lot of export opportunities; so adapting those strategies which include perfect packaging of products will help us grow our economy and also create employment.

“Nigeria has abundant natural resources; we should tap into our environment wisely and sustainably so that we can do the needful and meet up with global trend.

“If we want to make a name like other countries have done in the export of herbal medicine, the issue of good packaging must be looked into,’’ he said.

Iloh explained that apart from the package looking appealing, people will be able to know the authenticity of the drugs because of the active ingredients, dosage and contra-indication would be well spelt out.

“We already have the market here, even if we do not export, the population we have is a big market for any serious minded business person in the herbal medicine industry.

“So all they need to do is to synergies with agencies like the Biotechnology Advanced Research Centre to help them in the technology that will give a face lift to their products.

“Also they have to form a forum that can speak for them as an entity and liaise with other agencies that are involved in marketing to propagate their products,’’ he said.

Iloh stressed the effectiveness of most herbal medicine, saying that people do not patronise them because of lack of faith in the drugs due to the unattractive look of the packages.

According to reports the Biotechnology Advanced Research Centre, is a department under the Sheda Science and Technology Complex.

Th Sheda Complex is a research parastatal under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology that facilitates research and development.

The development of the centre’s research results are applied in the areas of agriculture, health, industry and the environment, which utilises modern technology for the advancement of the country’s soco-economic development.

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