Food-art can generate revenue, showcase Nigerian foods globally- Artist


Mr Deji Rotinwa, Communications Manager, Rele Gallery Ltd, on Wednesday in Lagos said that the conversion of food into visual art works could be a new source of income for the government.

Rotinwa said the backdrop of the recent food art competition organised by Rele Gallery, in collaboration with Samsung Nigeria Ltd.

“The essence of this is for us to start looking into our food beyond just eating it.

“These are the things done in other countries; we can showcase Nigerian food to the world through art form.

“Traditionally, food needs to appeal to the eyes with good preparation, but if it is made to preach another message, in the form of artworks, then it can generate revenue.

“The competition we had was the first of its kind, and the participants were made to use local Nigerian foods, whether cooked or uncooked.

“From the over 50 entries for the competition, we had some popular Nigerian buildings converted into art forms, with food items such as ground pepper, Ogbono, maize, yams, Ofada rice etc.

“Many of the works were framed and displayed in our gallery,’’she said.

The manager said that the ability of converting foodstuff which were strictly for cooking into an object for visual art, was an innovative feat.

“You won’t believe they were made with food, and that is the essence of it, for non-Nigerians and even Nigerians to see our food in another light.

“The judges comprised of notable Nigerian chefs and photographers who helped to bring out the pictures in the best way possible.

“With thanks to the social media, some of these works have been able to travel far, certainly beyond the shores of the country.

“And art-lovers within Nigeria are already trooping in to view and buy them.

“We are looking at the possibility of using other Nigerian pieces, from “Adire’’ to metals, and so on, to make art works.

“This will not only provide jobs, but it can generate loads of revenue, grow the naira, as it is a form of looking inwards with arts, at this point in time in the country.

“This is a time for us to think outside the box, and search for ways we can churn out funds for ourselves and the economy,” Rontinwa said.

He said that participants whose works were adjudged as outstanding, were presented with cell phones by Samsung Nigeria Ltd.

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