New online platform for renting drivers highlights Nigeria’s entrepreneurial depth

The owners are offering a range of incentives

TUE, NOVEMBER 15 2016-You may probably be comfortable having a permanent driver, perhaps resident at your Boys Quarter with his entire family, paid monthly anything between N50K to N150K. A new start-up firm launched today is offering an alternative now which analysts say is certain to revolutionise the way we view the drivers’ services in the country.

The new firm, an online company, is bringing to the market a unique drivers’ service that allows you to hire a driver anytime, anywhere in Nigeria.

According to the executives of the company, on the platform, all you have to do is sign up and place a request. And the driver will be deployed to you in few minutes.

“No more chasing of agents,” they said.

The owners are also offering clients a range of benefit incentives that sounds outrageous in an economy still struggling to retain jobs or create new ones. They say they are willing to among other things fix the damage or pay for the repairs of any damages caused by any of their drivers to your vehicles as a result of recklessness or carelessness and you are allowed to request for a change of driver attached to you within 48 hours at no extra cost.

The verification of drivers background and that of the guarantors provided by each driver is outsourced to an investigation firm to allow for more objective scrutiny, according to the company.

They also have a full range of services within their bouquet that allows clients the comfort of taking the drivers on and paying as they use on social nightlife rides, inter-state travel, weddings and family holiday tours. According the company they are open to a trade by barter arrangement where they deploy drivers to you in exchange for the service you offer instead of actual payment.

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