FG plans to raise 120bn naira in short-dated treasury bills


LAGOS, NOVEMBER 8, 2016 – Nigeria plans to sell 119.92 billion naira ($376.22 million) in short-dated treasury bills at an auction on Nov 16, the central bank said on Tuesday.

A total of 32.43 billion naira will be sold in the three-month papers, 22.82 billion naira in six-month bills and 64.67 billion naira in one-year bills, the central bank said in a public notice. Payment for the purchases would be made on Thursday.

The federal government issues treasury bills to fund the budget deficit, manage banking system liquidity and curb rising inflation. The West African country’s 2016 budget deficit was estimated at 2.2 trillion naira, of which around 900 billion naira is expected to come from local borrowing.


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