Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria is working again (2)


By AKHIGBE Dominic M

TUE, JUNE 13 2017-Since I knew there were a lot I couldn’t do at this stage without his consent and cooperation, I engaged him robustly. At a point; I told him not to commit a dime in the process. He should just make his identifications and other requirements available to me and be ready to sign any form that required to be signed as we moved along; he reluctantly agreed. I continued this process till we got approval sometimes in November 2016.

Sometimes in February 2017, Andrew and I were with a friend to felicitate with him for successfully completing his PH.D in law from one of the American Universities. Andrew looked at me and suddenly burst into laughter. I was wondering what would have gone wrong. Since I looked around and didn’t see what could have been the reason for such a cacophony of laughter; I gathered some courage to ask him what was amusing him. He said “Barrister, in November 2016, I showed you an sms informing me that I had been prequalified for the NHF Housing loan…”, I said yes; he continued; “..where is the money now? Its gone as always! you see, I told you nothing ever works in this country. I never trusted that process. I knew it would end up a scam as ever. I didn’t want you to feel bad when you tried to talk me into it….” Andrew continued with all the inadequacies of the system. At the end of his long sermonization; I just told him to keep hope alive. At least; I committed my money into the system including the equity contribution of over a million naira. So; if there is someone to be worried, it is me. We moved on.

A few weeks ago; Andrew dashed into my office early in the morning as I was just putting my acts together to hit the streets for my daily routines. He shouted; “Law, you are truly a man of faith. It has happened. I just got this alert from the PMB account that I have been credited the amount you applied for through the National Housing Funds scheme…”. I could see the disbelief on his face. Just like Andrew; about seventy others processed by my firm became successful beneficiaries of the National Housing Funds scheme. Today; Andrew is a proud owner of a three bedrooms flat, all ensuites in one of the upcoming housing Estates along Lagos/Ibadan Expressway via the NHF funds. This is the new Federal Mortgage Bank. The system is working again.

I will now ask my teaming readers who daily bamboozle me with enquiries and almost overwhelm me with their unbelief; how long will you stand on the sideline? Yes; you may have made failed attempt. The truth is; no one fails till he stops trying. The system has become transparent. There are professionals who are ready to give all the needed support from start to finish. Why don’t you jump into the boat why it is still at the shores? No one gains from doubt. Andrew my friend has repaid me every kobo I put in the process for him along with ‘interest’. Today; he is a proud owner of a house. Make haste while it is yet day…!

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