Every Breath Counts campaign strives to reduce pneumonia in Nigeria


TUE, NOVEMBER 15 2016- Every Breath Counts declared November: Pneumonia Month. Nigeria has the second highest pneumonia mortality in the world and primarily affects children under five. Pneumonia kills more children than any other infectious disease – almost 1 million children every year. In light of World Pneumonia Day (November 12), Every Breath Counts decided that the disease needs more attention then just one day. Using social and traditional media, Pneumonia Month is dedicated to raising awareness to pneumonia’s prevalence and burden in the country.

According to Every Breath Counts, progress in the fight against pneumonia has been slow compared to progress in other leading diseases.

“Over the past 15 years, childhood pneumonia deaths have fallen by 50%. While this signifies impressive progress, it still falls short in comparison to an 85% decline for measles, and 60% for malaria, AIDS, and tetanus over the same time period. The issue is partly one of financing relative to disease burden. For every global health dollar spent in 2011, only 2 cents went to pneumonia.”

Building from Her Excellency Aisha Muhammadu Buhari’s, Wife of the President of Nigeria, participation and endorsement, the Every Breath Counts campaign features nationally recognized influencers: Hadiza Aliyu, Rahama Sadau and Ali Nuhu. They have each raised their voices to speak up against pneumonia in various PSAs. Ali Nuhu (@alinuhu) will lead a twitter chat to discuss his role in the campaign on November 11th at 11AM (Nigeria). Pneumonia Month jumpstarts the campaign that is expected to run through January 2017.

Every Breath Counts is a global platform that unites diverse partners from across many sectors to raise awareness of pneumonia as the leading killer of children and to catalyze investment in prevention and community access to appropriate treatment. EBC collaborates with initiatives on climate change, household air pollution, nutrition and education among many others. African Media Agency (AMA)

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