Ethiope 2019: Who shall speak for the constituents?


By Kparobo Ehvwubare

TUE, JUNE 27 2017-As a writer with socio-political interest, I have not failed to confront our ruinous and ravenous political lions, right in their dens. Lately, the writer in me went into his cave and guess what; many pundits believed that I have been settled or warned by some political juntas, with threat shelve my swords to get political appointment. It is salient I state here that lovers of my pen know that I am not a saint but I am not immuned against ‘Iborism’ neither will I be part imposition of unpopular candidates on the people.

Some political juntas within Ethiope Federal constituency enclaves have fastened their political seat belts, calculating who should succeed Lovette Idisi at the hallow chamber of the National Assembly. Making incantations and praying hard for God to arrest Ibori’s heart for their favour, simply because, politicians in my dear State has succeeded in mortgaging their political future for possible endorsement from him, instead of credibility of aspirants vying for political positions to be critically assessed.

Reasonable constituents have clamoured for true democracy over the years. Most constituents have wished for quality people to emerge at high echelons of National Assembly instead of the perpetuation of puppets that will be instrumental to misrepresentation. Interested politicians showed keen interests for elective offices while demonstrating their commitments to the party’s success at the poll.

This period witnessed acute display of strong bitterness among family members and long-standing feuds because of divergent views. Yes I may not make it to the Vatican’s hall of “santus homes” but when it come to getting things right in my domain, I prefer to pace with suicide than go against my principle and conscience. My pen cannot go to bed while innocent constituents are under inept, clueless, confused and mortgaged representation; if eventually the right person is supported base on credibility than the mortgaged principle of endorsement by one man or influential few.

Ethiope Federal Constituency would regain her rightful place in the comity of things, the moment we begin to think and act as one who demands justice at all time. If Kparobo dynasty is surging to mortgage the future of the people, if hatred have continued to spread like wild harmatan fire, it is because we as a people is without acquaintance or goal, we have remained cowards and slaves in our royal homes, with poor political representations in the past.

As a progressive, I am not saying that Ethiope West or Ethiope East should produce the next member to represent the good people of Ethiope Federal constituency at the hallow chamber, neither I am against Lovette Idisi to seek second term; but what I am after is a level playing field for all that may join the race for the green Chamber.

For me as a progressive thinker and analyst, Lovette Idisi has tried his best in the house, as a lawmaker because his primary aim is to make laws favourable to his people; he deserves commendations,  than condemnations he is currently receiving from constituents.

No doubt, you cannot give what you don’t have, especially as it concerns politics, Idisi being a pupil in political nursery school cannot in any way compete with someone already at the political secondary school and as such he should graciously allow a capable hand to represent the people come 2019 for equity and fairness.

National assembly (Reps and Senate) are for rogue politicians, who can easily read in between the lines. Halims Agoda, Sunny Emeyese and Lovette Idisi did their best in the House but their best was not enough for the people, hence the need to send fresh blood to the house. Not minding the self contradiction of being a progressive thinker, in all fairness I think it is the turn of Ethiope West and by extension Oghara to produce the next rep member come 2019.

I have no doubt in mind that every aspirant would be given a level playing field, where credibility would be taking as priority, that is currently receiving boast. Who shall speak for the constituents? Will Ibori impose candidate on the people? If yes, who will have the war chest to confront the lion in his den?

The answers to the above questions are key to get 2019 right, where our voice shall be heard. This would form the basis if we are united as a people or not we may get it wrong. As a people, we are still been sentimental about what benefits all of us, being a social person, I have been privileged to meet with people especially people that matters, where I asked them some salient questions about leadership formula in Ethiope Federal constituency and by extension within the PDP family.

I was informed that because of what was styled as gentle man agreement of political positions and Ibori factor made them to behave funny, enduring what they could not cure; leaving constituents in the abyss of poverty. Is it supposed to be so? We as constituents would go far if we stop politics of sentiments and sowing a seed of discord among ourselves and act as constituents from Ethiope with ‘character competence, commitment and compassion. Is it possible, yes it is.

Kparobo Ehvwubare, is a journalist, political analyst and Media consultant wrote from Oghara-Delta State. Could be reach on or +2347067546856.

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