Egypt aircraft accident investigation committee tests black box recorders of crashed EgyptAir flight


CAIRO, JUNE 20, 2016 – The Egyptian Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee on Monday said that it is running electrical tests on the recovered black box recorders of crashed EgyptAir Flight MS804,.

It said in a statement in Cairo that this was coming under the supervision of Egyptian investigators and a certified French expert in flight recorders.

The statement said that the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and the flight data recorder (FDR) were first put through an 8-hour drying process Saturday at a military technical research centre.

It said further that the data and information in both recorders, if they are sound, would be extracted after the ongoing electrical tests.

Meanwhile, investigation committee said earlier that the hired vessel, Lethbridge John, located several wreckage sites of the crashed plane in the Mediterranean.

The committee later announced the vessel found the crashed jet’s CVR although it was damaged.

“The device has been salvaged in several stages as it was found damaged, but the vessel managed to salvage the part containing the memory unit, which is the most important part in the voice recorder.

The committee said that the probe into the cause of the tragic plane crash continues with all possibilities, including a terrorist bombing and a severe technical failure.

EgyptAir Flight MS804, an Airbus A320, went off radar en route from Paris to Cairo on May 19, with 66 people aboard, including 30 Egyptians and 15 French people.

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