Ebonyi State Stops Payment Of Electricity Bills


EBONYI, OCTOBER 31, 2016 – Ebonyi State government at the weekend ordered the people of the state to stop paying electricity bills to the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) until the company provides prepaid meters for the people of the state and improve electricity supply in the state.

The government said it will no longer watch its citizens being ex-ploited and maltreated by the power distribution company. But the EEDC had written to the state government and threatened to throw the state into total darkness following the government directive to the people of the state not to pay their electricity bills until the company improves its services and supply prepaid meters to the state.

Speaking during a meeting between officials of the distribution company and the state government, the state Commissioner for Power, Chief Emmanuel Uguru, ordered the company not to embark on any disconnection of electricity in any parts of the state.

He warned the company not to misunderstand the peaceful disposition of the people, adding that the government will continue to engage the distribution company in the overall interest of the people.

“If Ebonyi State doesn’t get regular power supply, do not expect further payment of electricity bills by the people of the state. And I want to say explicitly that the deadline for supply of prepaid meters to the people is November.

“After November, nobody, both state, individuals and government, will pay a dime as electricity bill. We have endured enough since 2014 when these prepaid meters were paid for. 2015, Ebonyi people endured, 2016, Ebonyi people endured. We have endured a lot and enough is enough,” he said.


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