Corporate ways to have a blast


By Ajoke Akinola

FRI, SEPTEMBER 8 2017-theG&BJournal-All work and no play makes staff a dull team, right? But seriously, some splash of fun out of the blues can energise your staff, shaking off months and weeks of break neck chase to meet and surpass set organization targets. This is also a great way to show that they mean more to the organization than just work, that their tatal well being is of great value. Of all the many ways there are to earn the loyalty and commitment of your work force, a weekend run in the beach, a cruise party or an in-house corporate dinner is sure to help everyone unwind. Set a date and wrap a theme around it, and you are so good to go! I am giving you a whole list of other fantastic options to set your organization ablaze with that team of hardworking, refreshed and invigorated force.

Cocktail party theme: A beautiful afternoon party at which cocktail is served, can include any number of other items as well.

Garden theme: Social interaction with an ambience of nature is a great idea to get everyone talking in a relaxed, natural environment.

Old School theme: A time machine to transport the oldies back into the ”good old days” is a smart way to warm up cold bones. The younger folks also get to have a taste of what grooving was like back in the days.

Christmas theme: You can as well jingle some bells at this yuletide annual event and have your staff invite their family, and clients of your organization.

A concert: …and movies are a welcome breathe of fresh air for heads that get buried in papers and computer screens of serious business, figures and targets.

Celebrating excellence: Sealing a deal in multi-billion dimensions, just got a grandiose contract, alliance, or a groundbreaking end of year turnover, amazing turning points in an organization should call for some jubilation.

Beach party themes: A run in the beach a does a whole lot of good.

Launching a new brand, company anniversaries and retirement parties: Make sure that the floral, decor and other designs include your corporate colours, logo and brands to create a style and concept that genuinely reflects your organisation.

Any and all of these unwind styles will not only perk up team spirit, but also make your organization a life wire of upbeat, success driven and constantly refreshed members of staff. They sure will look, act and work differently than some beasts of burden I come across everyday.

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