Confusion: #BBOG says Serah Luka was in SSS1 not JSS1


Serah Luka was an SSS1 student of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement has said, quoting a community leader.

Luka, who is from Adamawa state, was among the captives said to have been rescued by the army on Thursday.

There had been controversy over the actual class of Luka whom the army claimed was a JSS1 s‎tudent of the school.

The position of the army was‎ contrary to the claim of the Borno state government that the 276 abducted schoolgirls were in SSS3, and that they were sitting for their WASC examination at Chibok centre at the time of their abduction.

A statement by Sesugh Akume, spokesman of the BBOG movement, on Friday now adds to the‎ confusion.

“We are excited with the news of yet another rescued Chibok girl,” the statement read.

“According to Haruna Mutali a community leader in Chibok, their background checks have revealed that this second returnee, Miss Serah Luka was an SSS 1 learner at GSS Chibok, who was abducted by the insurgents in her home in Madagali.

“Every citizen returned is victory for us all.

“We appeal to the humanity in us to stay positively focused on emerging developments. We wish to advice caution in disseminating information too promptly, as we appeal that we respect the human dignity of our returnees and their loved ones, as we engage on this topic.

“We commend the gallant Nigerian army, the Civilian JTF, and the other security forces. We are strongly with you, as through great sacrifice you annihilate the insurgents, return our compatriots, reclaim our territories, and restore peace and normality especially in northeast Nigeria.”

‎The Chibok schoolgirls were abducted on April 14, 2014 by members of Boko Haram.

Amina Ali, one of the schoolgirls, was rescued – or escaped from captivity – on Tuesday.


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