Confused about what business to start? Evaluate the needs of people your locality


By Jaclyn IWU 

If you started your business with such crooked attitude of being nice in the early stage and then turn into a cut-throat business man/woman after winning buyers to your side, forget it….you are doomed

MON, OCTOBER 31 2016-Try to interview foreigners  about  their perception of job opportunities and marketing in Nigeria and they will tell you, we Nigerians have lots to explore in the area of  providing jobs for ourselves and other fellow citizens. Does the average Nigerian feel same way? Do we believe there are plenty of jobs in Nigeria?  Or are we simply not patient and exploring enough to figure out what services we can render to our public?  Working is all about rendering one service or the other to people, isn’t?

I guess a lot of people who still feel there are no jobs do not really understand that having a job means rendering service to others and getting paid.  If they have this mind set, the idea of searching for what services and products to sell to people will always play key role when they want to start a business. When such ideas occur to you, the next action will be to discover what people in different locations of where you live need most. Once you unravel this, you have automatically created a job for yourself.

There are variables to put into consideration once you discover what people need which they are not getting enough.  The idea of raising the financial capital to start is always paramount and most people fall out due to not being able to plan on this area very well.  I have always had this argument with people whose complains year after year is lack of money to start business. We understand how important money is to start a business but is this all the capital required to kick off a business?

I have met lots of people who have so much money but clueless about the kind of business to invest it in. So what do we say about them?  It has also been proven that money is not the major thing to consider when trying to open a business (though it is vital) but one must have ideas and good knowledge of the kind of business you want to do. Will it sell? Will it be easy for you to grow and control?  Can you be able to expand it without being crumpled by challenges?  Questions like these are often neglected by people who complain about not having financial capital.

Coming back to finding out what your environment or locality need, this does not mean that you have to be the only one doing that kind of business. The fact remains that some other person must have some similar business running already but this must not stop you from moving on.  What you do here is to do a good survey of how such a person runs his/her own business, the ideas and creativity he/she is lacking which can attract more patronage.  Again make no mistake of going to stay at the same lane unless it is a little further.

As long as you are in the same locality, you cannot be the only person doing a particular business but you can create your own business in a way it will be differentiated and people will still come to you.

If you really want to provide service to your community and also make some good money through your service , you must be creative and have something to make you stand out among the rest of businessmen/women who are in the same line.

When you have succeeded in starting a good business that caters for the needs of people in your environment and people have known you for what you do, there must be need for you to be consistent in your attitude on customer service, quality of products and selling routine.

In business you must continue to be at your best both in customer service and quality of goods.  Do not think consumers who patronize you are stupid and will not notice when your attitude turns sour, when your prices keep increasing week after week and the worst part, when your products and services are fake. Such situation could paralyse you doing any kind of business for life because people will see you as a cheat and criminal who cannot be trusted.

In Nigeria where there is no general price control on consumer goods and other goods, people sell stuff at their own prices.  Some will say, they sell as they bought.  Prices changes from time to time but there are most people in this country who buy goods at very low prices but sell at very exorbitant prices.

Bear in mind there are very intelligent buyers who also take time to go round and evaluate prices from different businessmen/women. So if you started your business with such crooked attitude of being nice in the early stage and then turn into a cut-throat business man/woman after winning buyers to your side, forget it….you are doomed.  Gradually your customer level will dwindle and people who noticed your ugly style will start spreading verbal poison about you and your business.

Nothing kills a thriving business fast like angry customers. Nothing also powers a business faster than  happy and satisfied customers. So you have to decide on which side to be when you make up your mind to start your business in your locality with the hope of catering for the needs of people there.

Most customers are unbearable no matter how nice you are to them. How do you cope with never-satisfied customers?

Customers are the bricks in building your business so you must have to be in good terms with them always.

Jaclyn IWU is a Life/Career/Business Coach. A Stress Management Expert &Conference Speaker Media Communication Expert: BLOG: TWITTER: @JacquiWorld

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