Check out Oritsefemi ‘Corporate Miscreant’ in November


LAGOS, OCTOBER 19, 2016 – As the year draws towards the end, self-acclaimed Musical Taliban OritseFemi has picked November 1, as the release date of his sixth studio album titled Miscreant Album.Songs like Gomina ft Rekado Banks, Give Thanks, Awu Ewa which had been released earlier are expected to make Corporate Miscreant.

“There have been ups and downs on the project,” Oritsefemi said.

“But we have fortified ourselves. We didn’t allow challenges to weigh us down. This is the right time to kick off. Corporate Miscreant means an abuse of responsibility. It has almost 20 songs.

The songs are creative, meaningful and well delivered. I urge my fans to keep their fingers cross. Oritsefemi, M S N gangs and my team generally will never disappoint music buffs. We are still intact. Oritsefemi will continue to give to great songs.”

Oritsefemi released his last album, Money Stops Nonsense (MSN) May 1, 2015.

Albums he has dropped are Elewon, Wicked World, Unfadeable, Musical Taliban and MSN.

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