Barca will quit La Liga-Josep Maria

Barcelonia FC president, Josep Maria Bartomeu

TUE, OCTOBER 3 2017-theG&BJournal-Barcelonia FC president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, says the club will have no choice but to quit the highly priced Spanish La Liga if Catalonia gains independence from Spain. Barcelona FC played last weekend’s game in an empty Nou Camp stadium after a highly contentious referendum to determine their break-away from Spain.

Bartomeu, told newsmen Monday, that “this situation does not exist so far.” But speculation is mounting on the reality of the football club’s exit given the pressure from Catalonia grassroots politicians to see their independence ambition realised.

Bartomeu said the board will bring the issue of a possible exit to the table for discussion with regards to things that happen in the future.

Police invaded Catalonia, the richest region in Spain, in a violent crackdown when polls opened weekend for the referendum which was declared illegal by the Spanish court. Leaders in Spain have condemned the referendum while the international community is mounting pressure on the Spanish government to try and end what is now deemed as their worst political crisis in decades.

15,000 protesters took to streets of the City today blocking major roads while labour unions and grassroots pro-independent groups called on workers throughout Catalonia to go on partial or full day strikes.

Businesses were shut while hundreds of Schools as well as universities were closed in response to union’s call to strike.

Catalonia officials told the world yesterday that 90% of Catalonia voted for independence during the referendum.

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