ASIC forms partnership with International Inspectorate Council (IIC)

Dr. Maurice Dimmock, Chairman, ASIC

TUE, AUGUST 1 2017-Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities, ASIC,  has announced the formation of a new partnership with International Inspectorate Council, IIC.  ASIC say in a statement that the partnership will be of great benefit to sponsored Saudi students studying English language abroad.

ASIC will be working in partnership with IIC to provide inspection and auditing services to the Saudi Arabian Government, to ensure that their sponsored students attend only high-quality institutions overseas. International Inspectorate Council (IIC) is an independent body founded with the specific aim of establishing a rigorous set of guiding principles for English language providers to ensure the provision of high-quality education for sponsored Saudi students studying English language abroad.

ASIC will also be undertaking, in partnership with IIC, inspector training programs for Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These trained inspectors will be responsible, under the guidance of IIC and ASIC, for the quality assurance inspection and monitoring of its schools, language schools, colleges and Universities.

IIC provides specialised educational guidance with a wide-reaching impact upon students, sponsoring bodies, universities, schools and private colleges to ensure the highest standards of education. IICmain objective from conducting inspections is to work hand in hand with English language providers to ensure the best possible service for sponsored Saudi students.

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