Apple unveils the N413,640 IPHONE X, billed as the ‘future of the smart phone’


WED, SEPTEMBER 13 2017-theG&BJournal-It is not due on the shelves until December 2017, but the revolutionary phone is already setting the smart phone world agog. Some prefer now to call it the Rolls Royce of smart phones and to some others it is the future of the smart phone.

The Price? Just about N359,640 or $999 (N360/$). But the phones’ asset makes the price look even more attractive. The extremely beautiful phone comes with a stainless steel band and glass back curving into a 5.8-inch OLED display that reaches all the way across the front of the phone.

What else? The OLED technology is thinner, brighter and very light. Apple will be releasing two version, one with 64 GB ($999) and the other with a huge 250 GB. The second version will cost you N413, 640 or $1,149 ‘only.’ Apple calls the OLED display “Super Retina” and it is because of its 1125 x 2436 pixels of resolution. That puts it atop as the highest density screen on any iPhone. With the camera you can do a whole lot of gimmicks.  It also comes with a facial recognition software called the Face ID that allows users unlock the phone. The phone packs a 12MP sensor at the back and a 7MP camera on front. It can create model of face and includes infrared to allow owner to wake up the phone, even when it is dark already. It comes with a revolutionary wireless charging and no home button.

The phone packs a 12MP sensor at the back and a 7MP camera on front.

Apple CEO, Tim COOK unveiled the phone at the Apple’s new Apple Park campus and the product (pronounced as Apple 10) is believed to be the one of the few last designs championed by Steve Job before his death in 2011. Cook paid tribute to Job.

Phil Schiller, senior vie president of worldwide marketing at Apple described the new phone as “all screen, beautiful to look at and incredible to hold. There has never been anything like it.”

Apple also unveiled the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.

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