Abe says his re-election to benefit South-South, South East


Magnus Ngei Abe, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in the Rivers South-East Senatorial District re-run election says electing him for the second time into the Senate would be in the best interest of the people and the entire region.

Abe, speaking at a media parley at his residence in Port Harcourt Monday, also said, “The interest of Rivers State will be better protected with me in the 8th Senate. I am the only returning member of the senate from the South-South and South-East, who served in the 7th Senate that is aspiring at this point to return to the 8th Senate. It therefore, means that from both the South-South and South-East, I will be the only high ranking member of the All Progressives Congress as a Senator from the region.

He said, as a member of the ruling party at that level, he would have access to meetings and caucuses that would influence decisions in the country, which somebody from a minority party would not be able to have because he is not part of the political party.

“By the strength of God, today, the APC is the party in power in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I think that common sense, wisdom and the interest of our people should determine that we should send people who will be in the position to have access to the government and work with the government in the interest of the larger Rivers community. Between me and all my opponents in this re-run elections, I am the only person who meets that criteria,” he stated.

Abe said that his previous performance in the senate towers above his opponents including out-of-pocket development projects he had sited in various communities in the district also makes the difference.

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