A ‘whole’ new view of Keyara Organics


Terryanne Chebet, the creator of Keyara organics, has just released a new range of Keyara Body Butter product. (chocolate and vanilla/ papaya and almond). The Kenyan born multi-talented Terryanne whose first love is journalism, invented Keyara organics after a desperate search for appropriate eczema cure for her young daughter.

Not many journalists can have launched a beauty product line while travelling and reporting on a range of national and corporate issues and still see it thrive years later. Terryanne did both-first establishing notability in journalism and then creating organic skin care line that is fast resonating with all gender.

At the heart of the new product is the recognition that the natural organic content can stand as a do-it-all day cream. The description she gives of her products is rich, subtle and poignant. Keyara concentrates both the smoothness of nature and naturally derived molecules that enhances collagen production- the combination of Shea butter, coconut oil and Marula oil. It is non-greasy and ideal for chocolate lovers who cherish a bit of moisture and silkiness.

“It smells and feels so smooth,” Terryanne says, “especially so good on children with dry skin conditions.”

The packaging is simple (she obviously means business), a sort of gift type of look and feel and comes with a price tag of just $13.

Terryanne“Keyara will be in another 10 years given the potential of the personal care industry,” Terryanne says of the three-year-old skin and hair care line. Her thinking is packed with the mantra of “keep pushing” reflected in the other markets where she is already very visible-a distributor who exports to London and New York, another is based in Lusaka, Zambia and she is exploring the probability of Nigeria. It already has a strong market presence in Kenya, her home country.


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