500 Indonesians living in Nigeria – Ambassador


The Indonesian Ambassador to Nigeria, Harry Purawanto, on Friday said that there were currently about 500 Indonesians living in different parts of Nigeria.

Harry, however, said that many Indonesians were still interested in also living and doing business with Nigeria in the near future.

The Ambassador said that it had always been his target to see more Indonesians come to live, do business and interact culturally with Nigerians.

“Indonesians are currently not really many in Nigeria, when compared to other nationals in Nigeria. We currently have 500 Indonesians in Nigeria.

“Nigeria and Indonesia have always had a very strong relationship, which would continue to grow stronger. I have for some time now been living with Nigerians and I have found them to be a very nice and friendly people,’’ he said.

Harry said that his government and Indonesians were ready to expand their relationship with Nigerians in different areas of mutual cooperation.

The Envoy said that he had personally embarked on wooing more Indonesians to Nigeria, by making them realise the ‘’huge’’ business and investment opportunities for them in Nigeria.

Harry said that he had since assumption of office continued to convince Indonesians that Nigeria was not as it was being reported through the media.

“I have so far found out that Nigerians are a much nicer and friendly people in a country with a huge potential that would continue the cooperation of our two countries. So, I have always tried to convince Indonesians to come and exploit the enormous business and investment opportunities in Nigeria,” he added.


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